This 160,000 ft2 new build care community was completed in 2018. It comprises 126 units of accommodation on green-belt land near Bristol. The scheme helped to bring a redundant site into re-use and replace existing low quality buildings with a high quality distinctive development. The site is located in the countryside to the west of Clifton and replaces the Redwood Hotel & Country Club. The design was developed to maximise the existing site assets; notably the open space, existing trees and landscape potential, both immediately north of the site and in the wider area. Individual accommodation blocks and facilities are arranged along a central spine route, connecting a series of defined spaces that create a strong sense of place. The main shared facilities are grouped in the centre of the site to minimise walking distances for owners. The scheme deploys a simple palette of materials, echoing the neo-classical forms of the adjacent residential area of Clifton, and providing a sense of timeless permanence to the individual buildings.