The project brief focused on careful and elegant detailing that would be executed to the highest quality and a design that provided elegant, comfortable and functional space that addresses occupier’s needs. The client desired a quality office refurbishment to a Developers Category A fit-out at a cost of no more than £100/ft2. We were able to meet this whilst still maintaining 73% net:gross efficiency across all floors.

The building’s existing main entrance addressed Wilson Street but a key aspect of the scheme was to replan the entire ground floor with a new reception and main entrance, at a different level, to address Sun Street and Finsbury Square instead. The Sun Street elevation was radically remodeled as a result.

The new reception space features a backlit glass wall using diachroic metal interlayers. Even though this was an economic, static design solution, the resultant effect is that the wall dramatically changes colour depending on the views position in the space.