Gaunt Francis Architects were commissioned by Edenstone Homes and S I Green UK to consider the feasibility of redeveloping the old Cwmrhydyceirw Quarry, within Parc Ceirw, near Swansea, into a mix of residential units and shared amenities. The site is located within the Morriston suburb of Swansea and extends to an area of around 13.64 hectares.

Our masterplan proposed 250 to 300 dwellings within the site, developing it into a sustainable residential community that could tap into nearby local schools, Morriston Golf Club and Morriston Leisure Centre. The residential development would be grouped into 4 groups and the quarry which currently dominates the centre of the site would be redeveloped into a public green space. The individual residential settlements would allow pathways to thread through the developments, ensuring good access to the central space and preserving some of the existing mature trees and hedgerows which give the site its special character.